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Shri Durga Ji Nursing School Sehda,Azamgarh U.P.


Rules & Regulation

1. Every student admitted to GNM Nursing Course shall have to follow rules & regulation of the nursing school.
2. Every student will have to attend the classes and practical work regularly as per the UPSMF requirement.
3. In case of illness Permission shall have to obtained from the principle to absent from the studies.
4. Rule & regulation of the hostel shall have to be followed & order of the warden will have to be adhered to.
5. The student will be allowed to go for shopping once in a month or if necessary.
6. The charges for training in related institution like Distt.Hospital, Mahila Chikitsalaya, psychiatiric, CHC & any other hospital will be born by the candidates themselves.
7. The Candidates admitted for studies are bound to wear the uniform ordered by institution presently the uniform include white salwar suit for the girls & white shirt paint for the boys.
Blue - Sweater
Blue - Blezer
White - Apron
White - Shock & white P.T Shoes
8. Student’s are responsible to keep the uniform neat. Full uniform should be worn. Jewelry such as ear rings, bangles and ring not allowed with uniform or the painted nails. No one should sleep in uniform which is to be warm in the patient case area.
9. All rights must be switched off by 10:30 PM. Students should check that all light and fans are switched off when they leave the room.
10. Ironing the cloth or cooking is not allowed in the living room.

Parent Hospital

This Hospital runs since 2012 with the aim of no profit no loss & providing an immediate & best quality of Medical Surgical & Nursing care to the Patients of rural areas of Azamgarh.
Available department are-
1. Medical ward
2.Surgical ward. (a) General Surgery (b) Eye Surgery (c) Ortho. Surgery
3. Ortho. ward.
4. Gynae ward .
5. Pathology .
6. Pharmacy
7. Provides 24*7*365 days of service.
8. Ambulance facilities is available

Facilities At Our Campus


  • 1. To provide high-quality, affordable and accessible educational programmes, which will enhance the quality of the human resources available to the job markets.
  • 2. To empower students to be successful by helping them develop the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to enter or progress within the work force and to adapt and thrive in our increasingly diverse and ever-changing world through continuous learning.

Our Facility.

  • Library
  • Audio-Visual Room.
  • Technology-aided learning.
  • Reception.
  • Science Labs.
  • Hostel facility.
  • Computer Center.
  • 24 Hours Genset.

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